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The purpose of Wave Production and our branding design, Photography and Video production services is to help companies to differentiate their products and services from those of competitors and from the enormous clutter in the marketplace - to create and define what we call 'a unique brand territory' - an area in the market which you alone can lead and own.


Once we have defined your brand territory we then design the touch points and marketing plan to cover all the places where your customers – and potential customers – meet your brand.

Our Services
Furniture Design
Furniture Design Services excels in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom woodworking and high-end furnishings for both commercial and residential settings.
Interior Design
We strive for the best quality of shop design, shop decoration, office design and office decoration. We provide the harmony design between the men and the interior environment.
Brand Identity Design
Brand design also encompasses Brand Language - the writing style, expressions and phrases that capture the essence and goals of the brand in words that are then used in Brand Writing.
Packaging Design
Good design sells - the design and overall appearance of the packaging play a major role in defining the product in the eyes of the consumer, as well as drawing their focus in from the clutter around. Base Creative’s design expertise gives you this competitive advantage.
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